Occupational Therapy

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Upper body dysfunctions from medical disorders and injuries don’t have to hold you back from being independent and performing daily living activities. Occupational therapy at MacNeal Hospital offers treatment for:

  • Post-surgical conditions (orthopaedic and neurological)

  • Orthopedic conditions like post-casting, wrist/hand pain, tendonitis, arthritis

  • Neurological conditions, including stroke

  • Post-trauma/injury conditions

  • Work-related injuries

During your evaluation at MacNeal Hospital, your occupational therapist or certified hand therapist will:

  • Identify your limitations in range of motion, strength and balance

  • Assess your deficits in ADLs

  • Assess your need for adaptive equipment or a brace/splint

  • Educate you and your family on your condition

  • Create your plan of care

Occupational Therapy is located in the South Basement of MacNeal Hospital. Please call 708-783-3134 for more information.