Outpatient Counseling Services - Euclid Center

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The Outpatient Counseling Center provides high-quality, individualized care. Our licensed counselors can assist you with issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. Medication evaluation and medication monitoring can be provided when recommended.  

Treatment Goals

At MacNeal Hospital, our outpatient mental health services are designed to be both educational and therapeutic. The goals of treatment include:

  • Changing negative thought patterns and behaviors through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and other evidence-based curricula

  • Symptom stabilization and development of coping skills

  • Relaxation techniques and skill building for symptom management

  • Education about mental illness and medication

  • Development of healthy support systems to help maintain long-term mental health

Care That’s Right for You

Our multidisciplinary team delivers services that are individually tailored for you, to provide coordinated, intensive and comprehensive care. Services in our program include:

  • Diagnostic assessment

  • Individual psychotherapy

  • Medication evaluation

  • Medication management

A Compassionate Multidisciplinary Staff

Our experienced health care providers are focused on you and your needs. Our staff includes:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists who have extensive experience working with mental illness and addiction issues

  • Certified Nurse Practitioner

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors

  • Certified Addictions and Drug Counselors

We’re Ready to Help

Get the care you need today by calling our Outpatient Counseling Services at 708-783-7430.