Pain Management Treatments & Procedures

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When you’re in pain, it’s tough to think about anything else. MacNeal Hospital’s multidisciplinary team of specialists can help you reclaim your life, with a comprehensive pain management treatment plan designed to reduce discomfort and improve and restore function. We treat arthritis, back pain, headaches, joint pain and more. Learn more about some of the treatments and procedures offered at MacNeal.


An epidural steroid injection is a very effective, low risk, minimally invasive treatment used to treat chronic pain in the neck, arms, back and legs.  Epidural steroid injections have been a mainstay of pain management for over 60 years because they work well; several types are available depending on the patient's condition.


Kyphoplasty is often discussed along with vertebroplasty, another procedure. These are used to treat fractures in the bones of the spine, the vertebrae. During a vertebroplasty, the doctor injects a cement-like material into the bone to make it more stable. During a kyphoplasty, the doctor first inflates a balloon-like device in the bone to make space. The space is then filled with cement.


Nerve blocks, or neural blockades, are procedures that can help prevent or manage many different types of intractable pain. They’re often injections of medicines that block pain from specific nerves. They’re meant to bring pain relief rather than total loss of feeling.


Used to treat chronic pain caused by spinal injury or deterioration due to conditions relating to vertebrae and intervertebral discs which may in turn affect the nerves in the area. The most common condition treated is degenerative arthritis of the facet joints in the neck or back. RFA uses thermal energy to deaden tiny nerve endings.


Spinal cord stimulation is one treatment for chronic pain. A small medical device sends signals to your spinal cord. These signals keep the chronic pain messages from being sent to your brain. Instead, you may feel tingling from the electrical signals.


The sympathetic nervous system is controlled by nerves called ganglions. One large ganglion, called the stellate ganglion, helps control nerves in the upper body. In the lower body, nerves are controlled by several ganglions that make up the sympathetic chain.


The cause of your muscle pain or spasms may be one or more trigger points. Your healthcare provider may decide to inject the painful spots to relax the muscle. This can help relieve your pain. Relaxing the muscle can also make movement easier. You may then be able to exercise to strengthen the muscle and help it heal.


Vertebroplasty is a procedure in which a special medical-grade cement mixture is injected into a fractured vertebra. The vertebrae are the small bones that make up the spine. When they become fractured, you’ll often experience pain and a loss of mobility.

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