Center for Advanced Spine & Joint Care

When you choose the MacNeal Center for Advanced Spine and Joint Care for back or joint surgery, you’re choosing expert care that’s been honed over many years of successful surgeries.

Are you a Candidate?

You may be a candidate for surgery if your pain severely limits your daily activities and if other measures, such as exercise, physical therapy and medication, have been ineffective. You’ll need to be healthy enough to undergo surgery, because every surgery does present some risk.

What You Can Expect

Care Coach

An integral component of the MacNeal Center for Advanced Spine and Joint Care is choosing a friend or family member to function as your coach. Coaches are trained throughout the entire process, side by side with you. They provide moral support and encouragement every step of the way, contributing to a rapid recovery.

Pre-Operative Classes

Once spine surgery or joint replacement is elected, you’ll be introduced to the program in two-hour pre-operative education classes, which are held in English and Spanish. During the classes, you and your coach will learn about pre-operative needs. You’ll also learn about the daily routine that you’ll be expected to follow while on the unit. You’ll learn some strengthening exercises you can begin before surgery to improve your outcome.

Discharge planning and preparing the home for safety, comfort and recovery are also covered in the classes. The care team addresses many other pertinent issues, such as performing post-surgery strengthening exercises, dealing with potential postoperative complications and using assistive devices in the home.

Care Coordinator

The care coordinator plays a very special role before, during and after surgery. He or she is the link between you, your family and the care team and helps ensure continuity of care every step of the way. The care coordinator takes the lead in guiding the patient through the process that begins in the surgeon’s office and continues in the recovery process. He or she also serves as a valuable resource for the patient well after discharge.

Patient Guidebook

You’ll receive a patient guidebook at your surgeon’s office, providing key information and answers to many questions. The guidebook provides specific instructions issued by the surgeon and the care team. You’ll learn what to expect before surgery, while in the hospital and after discharge.

During your hospital stay, bring the guidebook to keep vital information at your fingertips. It’s also a tool for clinicians to document your progress during rehabilitation.