MacNeal Center for Internal Medicine

Who We Are

MacNeal Center for Internal Medicine (MCIM) is a primary care clinic for adults where resident physicians and attending physicians work together as a team to discuss treatment and care for patients. Each resident has a regular half-day of clinic per week. It is ideal to see the same doctor for all appointments, but if you need to make an appointment quickly, you can always see a different doctor, and same-day appointments are available.

Location and Contact Information

Address:  3722 S. Harlem Avenue, Suite LL34, Riverside, IL 60546
Phone: 708-783-6566
Fax: 708-783-6567


Monday: 8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday: 8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday: 1 - 5 pm (1 - 8 pm on scheduled Wednesdays)
Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Note: The Center is closed noon - 1 pm daily for lunch.

What is Internal Medicine?

Doctors trained in internal medicine are specially trained to handle a large variety of illnesses that specifically affect adults. Internal medicine doctors are sometimes called “general internists.” They are specially trained to deal with complex illnesses and severe chronic illnesses. General internists may act as primary care physicians and see patients in clinic for common primary care needs. Some general internists may choose to care for patients in the hospital setting as well.

What is a Resident Physician?

A resident is a doctor who completed medical school, but is continuing training in a specific specialty. Residents during the first year of training may also be called interns. Internship and residency are standard training that every physician completes before practicing medicine independently in the United States. Training lasts for three years in the specialty of internal medicine.

What is an Attending Physician?

An attending is the supervising doctor who has completed his or her medical training, including residency. He or she is responsible for your overall care, and supervises interns and residents.

At every visit, your care is discussed with the attending, and all decisions are under the guidance of the attending. An attending will be available while you are in the office for questions or concerns.

Why should I be a Patient in a Resident Physician Clinic?

We partner with our patients to review their illnesses, medications, screening and health maintenance needs, and to develop comprehensive care plans. Resident physician appointments are generally longer, to allow this quality time with you. After getting to know you and your needs, the resident physician will consult with an experienced supervising physician on care recommendations. This allows for in-depth focused review of your health resulting in personalized care.

Resident physicians gain medical experience through interactions with patients and critical feedback, fostering personal and professional growth. Every physician must complete residency before being able to practice independently. You are making an impact on the education of physicians by being an integral part of the resident’s training.