Cancer Clinical Trials

Your first decisions for your treatment plan are important. Many people believe that a cancer clinical trial is a last resort, but in fact it may be wise to consider it right away. Clinical trial treatments are attacking cancer in unique ways that are not otherwise available. Today’s cancer therapies are more targeted and many are taken orally in place of intravenous infusions. We offer a variety of cancer research trials across multiple disease sites at different stages of cancer.

Through MacNeal Hospital’s clinical trials, we can provide you with access to advanced clinical trial treatment options while researching ways to improve the current standard of care and find a cure. Participating in cancer clinical trials offers certain advantages:

  • New investigational drugs are often available only through a clinical trial and are provided by the trial’s sponsor.
  • Clinical trial patients may be among the first to benefit from the new therapy.
  • Clinical trials meet or exceed the current standard of care.

MacNeal Hospital has research affiliations with:

  • National Cancer Institute Cooperative Groups (ECOG, SWOG, Alliance, NRG)
  • Loyola University Medical Center
  • Northwestern University
  • Multiple national pharmaceutical sponsors

You can read more about the cancer research and clinical trials at MacNeal Hospital by downloading our Cancer Research Program (PDF).

For more information about available clinical trials, call the Cancer Research Office at 708-783-6165 or email Julie Koch, R.N., B.S.N., O.C.N., CCRP at