• Teaching and Learning Opportunities

    At MacNeal Hospital, residents have the opportunity to work with a variety of colleagues, including residents from other Chicagoland universities who are rotating at MacNeal.  

  • Family Atmosphere

    MacNeal programs are medium-sized, allowing all residents and attending physicians to get to know each other at a variety of events like fall and spring social events, annual resident retreats and more.

What Sets Us Apart and Scholarly Activities

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What Sets Us Apart

Teaching and Learning Opportunities

For nearly a century, MacNeal Hospital located in Berwyn and committed to care for our community.   Here at MacNeal, you will get the opportunity to work with not only trainees from MacNeal Hospital but also trainees from University of Illinois and Northwestern University who are rotating at MacNeal.  In inpatient teams students from many different medical schools in Chicago area will be working with you.  You get the opportunity to teach and learn from them. 

Opportunity to work one on one with many specialists

We have several electives available for you to choose and during these electives you work directly with a senior specialist and learn from them.  In surgical subspecialties you get the opportunity to see patients in their clinics but also join them in operating room and have hands on experience.

Family Atmosphere

One of the advantages of MacNeal Transitional Year Residency Program is Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residency programs are medium sized therefore all residents and attending physicians know each other.  We aspire to create a family-like atmosphere.  We have end of block happy hours, fall and spring social events, annual resident retreats, faculty and resident book club throughout the year.  

Research elective

Residents can choose to do a research elective.  They have to submit their goals and objectives which would include the background, method and the name of their mentor. We would review these and contact with your mentor about the details of your project.

Scholarly Activities

Publications July 2016- June 2018

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  8. Inferior Outcomes with Concurrent Coincident use of Metformin During Lung SBRT. Stang KM, Alite F, Altoos B, Melian E, Emami B, Haekenrider MM. (Research elective; presented in ASTRO)

Research Rotation Projects July 2016- June 2018

  1. Association between atopic dermatitis and hospitalization for mental health disorders in the United States. Derek Y. Hsu,Ben Smith, Jonathan I. Silverberg. Department of Dermatology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  2. Early Response to Intravitreal Dexamethasone Implant Therapy in Diabetic Macular Edema May Predict Long-Term Visual Outcome. Hasenin Al-khersan, Seenu M. Hariprasad, Jay Chhablani on behalf of The Dex Implant Study Group
  3. Heart Rate Variability in Spinal Cord Injury with Position Changes vs. Controls. Annie Pally
  4. Immunoreactivity of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) in colorectal carcinoma. Marshall Meeks, Jinping Lai
  5. Prevalence of Retinopathy of Prematurity in Africa: A Systematic Review. Daniel Wang MD, Peter Campbell MD, R.V. Paul Chan MD
  6. Visual Potential in Elderly Amblyopes After Cataract Surgery . Lincoln Shaw MD. Joanne Christy MD, Sergul Erzurum MD, FACS
  7.  Single- Cell Transcriptomics of Human Mesnchymal Stem Cell Reveal Age-Related Celular Subpopulation Depletion and Imapiared Regenerative Gene Expression.  Sacha M.L. Khong, Ming Lee, Danika M. Khong, Nina Kosaric, Dominik Duscher, Yixiao Dong, Richard Schafer, Geoffrey Gurtner. (Research elective- manuscript in review)
  8. A Comprehensive Review of Acute Pelvic Trauma.  Michael J. Lee, Emmanuel Reyes, Adam Wright, Suzanne T. Chong. (Research elective- manuscript in review)
  9. RGC Neuroprotection Following Optic Nerve Trauma Mediated by Intranasal Delivery of Amnion Cell Secretome. Gabriela A. Grinblat (Rifkin), Reas S. Khan, Kimberly Dine, Howard Wessel, Larry Brown, Kenneth Shindler. (Research elective-manuscript in review)
  10. Optimizing The Antisepsis Protocol:  Effectiveness of 3 povidone-iodine 1.0 % applications versus a single application of povidone-iodine 5%.  Megan Silas, Richard Schroeder, Richard Thomson, William Myers. (Research elective-presented in National Conference)
  11.  Treatment Outcomes and Post-Operative Complications of Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery by Age.  Michael D. Abendroth, George C. Papachristou, Erik B. Lehman, Christine E. Callahan. (Own time-presented in National Concerefence)