Transitional Year Residency Class of 2020

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George Boychev

George Boychev, MD

Medical School: Midwestern University

Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology at Loyola University Medical Center

Career goals: To become a well-rounded radiologist with competence in academic and community settings

What I like about MacNeal: The two deciding factors for me were one, how the staff, physicians and residents made me feel during my interview day and two, Location of the hospital. During my interview day, everybody was very warm and welcoming and made me feel like I belonged. Faculty truly care about the residents passing through and are invested in teaching. As far as the location of the hospital – it is in the sweet spot in Chicagoland, allowing one to live either in the city or in the suburbs. That was perfect for me.

Interests outside of medicine: Exercising and gaming.

Lindsay Chun

Lindsay Chun, MD

Medical School: University of Chicago

Specialty:  Ophthalmology at University of Chicago

Career goals: My overall career goal is to attain a mastery of knowledge and skills required to give patients of various backgrounds the best quality care and empowerment during moments of vulnerability.

What I like about MacNeal: MacNeal's diverse offerings of medical electives with a core, solid training in medicine and surgery appealed to my desire for a well-rounded experience prior to my training in ophthalmology. The residents, staff, and faculty I met during my interview day were so happy, kind, and warm, and I knew that kind of culture would be conducive to my own growth.

Interests outside of medicine: I love pop culture, cooking, learning new dance moves, fashion, skincare, and makeup! I also love learning about the American Civil War.

Coulter Cranston

Coulter Cranston, MD

Medical School: University of Kansas

Specialty: Diagnostic radiology at University of Pennsylvania

Career goals:  I am planning on pursuing a career in diagnostic radiology.

What I like about MacNeal: MacNeal provides an environment for me to push myself and learn as much as possible while also feeling comfortable with the safety net of fantastic faculty supervision. I have also always wanted to live in the Chicago area.

Interests outside of medicine: Cooking, trying new/interesting food, hiking, music, and playing basketball.

Jacob Diskin

Jacob Diskin, MD

Medical School: Wayne State University

Specialty: Ophthalmology at Kresge Eye Institute

Career goals: I plan on using my Transitional Year internship to learn as much about medicine and patient care before beginning my career in Ophthalmology.

What I like about MacNeal: It was clear from the beginning that the staff at MacNeal have fostered a welcoming environment that prioritizes both patient care and education. There is a sense of community and family at MacNeal that was palpable. In such an important year for my professional development, I knew I wanted to learn in a place where the teachers enjoy teaching, the staff enjoys caring for patients, and my colleagues enjoy working together. Additionally, the diverse patient population at MacNeal will present a varied set of pathology and nuance to care that will prepare me for my long career head.

Interest outside of medicine: Whenever I have free time away from the hospital I am constantly looking for live music to see. I love seeing concerts, discovering new music, and playing drums with friends. Being in Chicago is especially great since it is a hub for incredible food. I also enjoy reading novels, traveling, and playing basketball. There's nothing I enjoy doing more than spending time with family and friends.

Fatima Elahi

Fatima Elahi, MD

Medical School: Midwestern University

Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology at Presence Saint Francis Hospital - Illinois

Career goals:  I plan on utilizing the skills and knowledge I have obtained at MacNeal to provide high-quality, evidence-based, and patient-centered care to all my patients as a diagnostic radiologist!

What I like about MacNeal:  MacNeal Hospital is an excellent community hospital for training resident physicians. As a part of Loyola Medicine, MacNeal maintains a culture of caring for all its patients with care, concern, respect, and cooperation. I also truly value the diversity of the staff and patient population at MacNeal Hospital. In addition, MacNeal's Transitional Year program provides us with ample opportunities to learn about medicine and specialties to support our growth as well-rounded physicians.

Interests outside of medicine: I love spending quality time with family and friends, traveling, and exploring different cultures! I also enjoy hiking, swimming, and biking during my free time!

Ishaan Hublikar

Ishaan Hublikar, MD

Medical School: Midwestern University

Specialty: PM & R at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Career goals: I'm looking forward to my career in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), where I'll be able to help patients enjoy a better quality of life.

What I like about MacNeal: Having attended medical school nearby at Midwestern University, the Chicagoland area has become my new home. Being at MacNeal this year will give me the ability to stay in the area and learn from a diverse patient population. I had also heard only great things about the environment at the program and how well I'll be prepared when I start my advanced program.

Interests outside of medicine: Sports (Go Packers!), working out, breweries, exploring Chicago

Akash Jindal

Akash Jindal, MD

Medical School: Touro University

Specialty:  PM & R at Medical College of Wisconsin

Career goals: I hope to either be a Physician for a professional sports team or work in an outpatient pain clinic, still haven't decided! Ideally, I would like to incorporate some sort of interventional physiatry in my practice.

What I like about MacNeal: I wanted to be at MacNeal because I had heard wonderful things about the program. I thought it would be a great experience to have for a year, especially because it is so close to Chicago. I had always wanted to live in a city, so MacNeal seemed like a great place for me to spend my TY year.

Interests outside of medicine: I played pretty much everything growing up, and still love to watch and play football and basketball whenever I get the chance. Huge San Francisco 49ers fan, but I guess I can learn to like the Bears too.

Stephanie Kuschel

Stephanie Kuschel, MD

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Specialty: Dermatology at University of Illinois at Chicago

Career goals: To be best physician I can be, to provide compassionate, exceptional care for my patients, and be an ally and resource for my fellow physicians and healthcare providers.

What I like about MacNeal: MacNeal feels like a family. The people are warm and helpful to one another, and they are passionate about providing compassionate, exceptional healthcare for their patients.

Interests outside of medicine: I love spending time with my family and pets (two dogs and a cat). I also like trying new vegan recipes and DIY projects/crafts. When I get the chance to go on adventures, I like traveling, hiking, white water rafting, and going to concerts.

Tony Lai

Tony Lai, MD

Medical School: University of North Texas

Specialty:  PM & R at Baylor University Medical Center

Career goals: To become a physiatrist with a healthy work-life balance.

What I like about MacNeal: You get to work with a diverse patient population while in a safe learning environment. There is a tremendous amount of support from fellow residents, physicians, and administrators to help guide us through residency - you will never feel alone here.

Interests outside of medicine: Staying home and watching television; playing basketball; exploring the city with friends; trying new food

Nicolas Lara

Nicolas Lara, MD

Medical School: University of Illinois

Specialty:  Flight Surgery with US Air Force

Career goals: Following my Transitional Year, I will serve the US Air Force as an active duty Flight Surgeon. I then plan to continue my medical education in Anesthesia.

What I like about MacNeal: The residents and staff foster a culture of family and contribute to the great community atmosphere of the hospital. The program itself offers a great foundation for training in general medicine and surgery while still providing a wide variety of subspecialty electives to choose from. Also, I love living in Chicago.

Interests outside of medicine: Travelling, cooking, music, and sports. Go Gators!

Troy Lewis

Troy Lewis, MD

Medical School: Kansas City University

Specialty:  Radiology at University of Illinois at Chicago

Career goals: I am pursuing a career in diagnostic radiology and am undecided about subspecialty and practice setting.

Why I chose MacNeal: I love the wide variety of rotations offered in MacNeal’s transitional year program and being able to live in the fantastic city of Chicago for an extra year before starting radiology residency. Additionally, I enjoy the comradery between residents, attendings, and faculty, and the supportive working environment they create.

Interests outside of medicine: Exercising, traveling, playing the piano, and trying new restaurants in Chicago

Alexander Ryder

Alexander Ryder, MD

Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Specialty: Anesthesiology at Rush University Medical Center

Career goals: I would like to have the opportunity to practice and develop regional anesthetic techniques in a clinical and academic role.

What I like about MacNeal: I wanted to find a transitional year that had a fantastic family atmosphere where faculty was accessible and supportive. Additionally, I liked the curriculum MacNeal Transitional Year offered giving me a wide range of elective options and the chance to complete a rotation with my advanced program in my future specialty.

Interests outside of medicine: Canoeing, cycling, beer brewing, snowboarding, hiking, spending time with my lovely fiancé and our two dogs.

Kriti Rishi

Kriti Rishi, MD

Medical School: Midwestern University

Specialty:   Radiology at Advocate Health Care in Illinois

Career goals: I hope to provide excellent and compassionate care to my patients as a Radiologist with the overall goal of improving patient health outcomes.

What I like about MacNeal:  The close-knit sense of community among fellow residents, faculty, and program staff make this an ideal environment to learn and develop my skills as a transitional year intern.

Interests outside of medicine: Hiking, travelling, and exploring the world through coffee shops.

Muhammad Shamim

Muhammad Shamim, MD

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine

Specialty: Ophthalmology at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Harvey and Bernice Jones Eye Institute

Career goals: I intend to pursue a fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery and practice Ophthalmology in a large academic medical center.

What I like about MacNeal: MacNeal offers transitional year residents 3-4 months of a wide variety of electives, allowing us to gain invaluable experiences outside of inpatient medicine.

Interests outside of medicine: Traveling, cooking, basketball, chess.

Jerry So

Jerry So, MD'

Medical School: University of Texas Health San Antonio

Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology at Baylor College of Medicine

Career goals: I will be pursuing a career in radiology with hopes to serve as a clinician and educator.

What I like about MacNeal: I really appreciate the warm atmosphere with great co-residents, friendly faculty, and the wide range of educational and elective opportunities including Medical Spanish!

Interests outside of medicine: Attending concerts, running, hiking, traveling, following the Dallas Stars, playing piano, spending quality time with friends and family, and exploring Chicago.