Learning Activities

Noon Conferences (12-1 PM)

  • Clinical Pathology Conference – a senior-resident-led conference that features in-depth exploration of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of a patient case. It also offers the unique perspectives of specialists who attend and provide rich and insightful commentary about the case.
  • Evidence-based Medicine Sessions – residents learn how to use medical literature and basic biostatistics measures and apply the findings to specific clinical questions and patient care.
  • Journal Club – a senior resident along with a core faculty member facilitate group discussion and critical appraisal of the selected article.  
  • High-value Care Conference – an interactive lecture and small group series focused on teaching the practice of cost-conscious medicine. Throughout the series, residents gain exposure to different members of the hospital staff including nurses and nurse supervisors, pharmacists and individuals from the finance department.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference – a senior resident along with a core faculty member engages in the presentation of a case with the intent to create a safe space for review of patient care improvement opportunities. This conference emphasizes confidentiality and promotes patient safety and excellence in patient care.
  • Weekly Core Lecture and Small Group Series – a series that occurs early in the academic year and focuses on the mastery of managing common inpatient conditions.

Patient Safety Grand Rounds

Residents have an in-depth opportunity to evaluate patient and system safety. Each resident attends a root cause analysis meeting with the risk management leadership of the hospital.  The resident evaluates a case of medical error or near miss event utilizing tools for root cause analysis and healthcare matrix. The resident will analyze the source of error and make recommendations to avoid similar future errors during the CME credited conference but also will be a part of change in the system with the risk management leadership.