Unique Educational Opportunities & Resources

MacNeal’s Internal Medicine Residency Program is continually striving to identify unique learning opportunities to prepare our residents for the demands of clinical practice. We recognize the impact of experiential learning and the benefits of training with the use of simulations. Our program uses SimMan® to simulate high-fidelity immersive scenarios for our residents. Simulations also help us to emphasize the importance of teamwork. When learning from simulations we prioritize the importance of listening and respecting others point of view, and maintaining confidentiality to create a safe learning environment.  

Each ICU rotation features a simulation session containing:

  • scheduled dedicated time to become familiar with the defibrillator and review how to perform and assess quality chest compressions.
  • simulations utilizing the interactive SimMan® who features palpable pulses, manual blood pressure, lung, heart and bowel sounds.
  • simulations featuring the opportunity to interpret labs and ECGs in real time.
  • simulations to practice ACLS and RRT scenarios with an interdisciplinary team.
  • the opportunity to take on the role of code leader, recorder, compressor, respiratory support and administer medications.  

Other educational resources:

  • Onsite librarian, Lily Wang, MD, MS is available five days a week to assist with literature searches and to teach one-on-one sessions.
  • Access to comprehensive library collections including:
    • UpToDate
    • OVID ejournals – 445 titles
    • AccessMedicine – featuring 145 eBooks, guidelines, drug information and more
    • Isabel Diagnostic Support: a differential diagnostic database
    • Cochrane database of systematic review
    • VisualDx
    • MicroMedex Gateway
    • Exam Master online
    • Free interlibrary loan service to borrow books and articles.