Family Medicine Residency Class of 2023

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Beverly Chimene, MD

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Undergraduate: Texas A&M University
Medical School: Texas A&M College of Medicine at Dallas
Why MacNeal?   Coming from out of state, I wanted a larger program with supportive, tight-knit residents and faculty that foster a community of learning. The hands on opportunities at MacNeal gives residents the leadership and experience to approach a career in family medicine with broad scope. The community of Berwyn allows for a diverse patient panel and multicultural interactions on a daily basis.
My interests in medicine include: global health, women’s health, community outreach
Outside of medicine my interests include: hiking, baking, sci-fi movies, bee keeping, rooftop patios

Shua Cho, MD

Hometown: LA, California/Seoul, South Korea

Undergraduate: Boston University, Boston

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

Why MacNeal?  I chose MacNeal because of my gut feeling.  On my interview day, I instantly felt an inviting feeling from faculty, residents, staffs and from Dr. Yang.  MacNeal Family Medicine program is simply a happy group.  I feel my temperament is a good fit in the program.  In addition, the program is one of the oldest Family Medicine programs in IL and has the ample resources for trainees to achieve their professional goals and successful career in Family Medicine.  I am blessed to join the MacNeal Family.

My interests in medicine include: Geriatric Medicine, Women’s health, Pediatrics, Obesity, Preventive Medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Playing with my puppy, traveling, exploring authentic cultural food, hiking

Joshua Engle, MD

Hometown: Lafayette, California

Undergraduate: Tufts University

Medical School: University of Southern California (USC)

Why MacNeal?  MacNeal is a family! One thing that stood out during the interview was how happy and supportive the entire MacNeal team was.  My experience as a resident has confirmed this impression.  Faculty members are always eager to teach.  Residents are kind to each other.  There is a great working relationship between physicians and other MacNeal team members. 

Also, the program does a good job at assessing your career goals and supporting you as you strive to achieve those goals.  While I absolutely want to practice clinically post-residency, I also have some non-traditional career goals in medical technology.  The program has been great at connecting me to people that can support this goal. 

Finally, as MacNeal is the oldest family medicine residency program in Illinois, they are experts in training experts (i.e. training residents to become top of class physicians).  Overall, I feel privileged to have matched here! 

My interests in medicine include: Sleep medicine, digital health / medical technology. 

Outside of medicine my interests include: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and improv acting.

Darryl Giambalvo, DO

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois

Undergraduate: Elmhurst College

Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why MacNeal?  Having lived in the Western Suburbs my entire life, I knew that I wanted to continue my medical training close to home.  During my medical school rotation at MacNeal, I was immersed in a program that checked every box for what I was looking for in a family medicine residency.  The faculty cares immensely about each resident and takes pride in finding teachable moments with each patient.  The residents are supportive of one another and make the residency feel like a second home.  The city of Berwyn allows for a multicultural patient population, as well as the opportunity to see diverse pathology.  I know without a doubt that I made the right choice in choosing MacNeal as my residency program, and am looking forward to the next three years.

My interests in medicine include: Sports Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Adolescent Medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Cooking, Golf, Cubs/Bulls/Bears Games, Video Games, Traveling

Peter Kim, MD

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Undergraduate: Northwestern University

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Why MacNeal?  Where do I even start? First off, I knew I wanted to do my residency at a well rounded program that would prepare me for full spectrum care and provide opportunities to treat a wide range of patient populations. MacNeal was the first FM residency in Illinois, and since its establishment it has continually reinforced its strong reputation as a program that boasts qualified graduates and devoted faculty. MacNeal seemed like a great fit. On top of that, when I came for my interview day, I immediately felt at home. This was important to me, because I knew that residency would be a difficult time and I wanted to have the full support of the people around me as I learned to become a better doctor. And now that I’m here at MacNeal, I know I made the right choice because it truly does feel like a family here.

My interests in medicine include: working with underserved populations, preventative medicine, outpatient medicine, sports medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: my wonderful wife, Chicago sports, video games, skateboarding, interior design, long walks along the beach at sunset

Matthew Lo, DO

Hometown: Tracy, California

Undergraduate: University of California, Merced

Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why MacNeal?   The patient population here was exactly what I was looking for, varied with good exposure to Spanish speaking patients. There is great mix of all aspects of Family Medicine here at MacNeal with no one part taking precedence over another.  I wanted a program that was well established in the community and provided the residents the experiences and opportunities needed to help secure a fellowship after residency if they wanted to pursue one.  Lastly, the Chicago area is a great place to live and enjoy life!

My interests in medicine include: Obstetrics, Academic Medicine, Medicine in Underserve Communities, Full-Scope Family Medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Soccer, Photography, Travel, Trying new restaurants


Brett Nelson, MD

Hometown: Darien, Illinois
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Medical School: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science - Chicago Medical School
Why MacNeal? The strength of the relationship between the residents and faculty was something that was immediately apparent to me. MacNeal is an environment of mutual support that fosters education and professional development exceptionally well.
My interests in medicine include: medical education, sleep medicine
Outside of medicine my interests include: Cooking, baking, audiobooks, skiing, scuba diving, and camping.

Kavita Patel, MD

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago

Medical School: Rush Medical College, Chicago

Why MacNeal?   Being a Chicago lifer, I knew that I wanted to stay in this great city and serve the community that I grew up in.  I had met others along the way who had graduated from MacNeal and decided that I had to explore it.  Come interview season, I quickly realized that what set MacNeal apart from all the other places in Chicago was the comradery and focus on resident education.  I still remember interview day and feeling “at home.”  This was the place where I knew I could explore my interests and reach my goals while being in a supportive environment.  From faculty to hospital staff to residents, everyone was extremely friendly.  I also wanted to be in a community program with a university affiliation to get the best of both worlds, and that is exactly what MacNeal had to offer.  Last but not least, being a part of a bigger residency program always means more friends!

My interests in medicine include: Women’s health, adolescent medicine, mental health, preventative medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Painting, writing poetry, rooftop bar

Maria Ramirez, MD

Hometown: Franklin Park, IL

Undergraduate: University of Illinois- Chicago

Medical School: University of Illinois- Chicago

Why MacNeal?   What first attracted me to MacNeal was the unity between the residents. They seem like they would be wonderful colleagues and mentors.  Second, was the program's dedication to teach residents.  I wanted a program that was genuine in helping residents learn medicine. Lastly, Berwyn has a large Spanish-speaking population, which I wanted to serve.

My interests in medicine include: Healthcare disparities and sport medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Running, dancing and cooking/baking.

Jack Schirmer, MD

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Undergraduate: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

Why MacNeal?   I love the culture that has been set by the residents and faculty.  Everybody is eager to both teach and learn, and it really does feel like a big family.  All of the faculty are very approachable and are willing to answer any question you have.  I get along well with all of my co-residents both in and out the medical setting.  We are exposed to a wide variety of pathology and patients, which I find very valuable.  Finally, this residency has a great reputation of preparing doctors for life beyond residency.  Hospitals all around Chicago want to hire MacNeal family medicine residency graduates because they know that they will be ready for the job.

My interests in medicine include: sports medicine, primary care

Outside of medicine my interests include: playing music, Legos, playing basketball and volleyball

Yesenia Valdivia, MD

Hometown: Cicero, Illinois

Undergraduate: Northern Illinois University

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine 

Why MacNeal?  Working with minorities and the underserved is the reason I chose medicine as a career.  I grew up in Cicero, an area where many health disparities affect a large part of the population.  During medical school, I was able to rotate at MacNeal and realized the hospital serves the population I want to work with.  Coming to MacNeal was an opportunity to serve the neighborhood where I lived.  I also felt so welcomed by the staff and residents during my rotation.  The positive atmosphere and sense of unity to help each patient was the final reason why I chose MacNeal.

My interests in medicine include: Women's health, teen health, psychiatry 

Outside of medicine, my interests include: Running, collecting plants, macrame, spending time on the beach

Nicolas Zuniga, MD

Hometown: Gurnee, Illinois

Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Why MacNeal?   -First, it's the people working here.  The faculty, the co-residents in FM and other programs, and the nurses, social workers, and other staff all genuinely care about supporting each other's learning and well-being, while also demonstrating deep commitment to their patients and to bettering their own skill and decision-making.
- They foster a culture here of continuous learning, dedication to our local communities, and adapting to the needs of our patients.
- Finally, it's the patients themselves. I knew reaching my personal goals as a physician would require learning from diverse patients across SEC, ethnicity and culture, language, gender, and identity, and that is what I have found here.
My interests in medicine include: Immigrant and Refugee health, Preventation/Public Health/Public Policy, Women's Health

Outside of medicine my interests include: biking, patio gardening, reading