Family Medicine Residency Class of 2019

Nicole Ashley, M.D.

Nicole Ashley, M.D.

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame

Medical School: Rush Medical College

Why MacNeal? When I interviewed at MacNeal, I was immediately struck by the faculty's dedication to resident education. I knew I would get a well-rounded residency training with supportive faculty. I just had that feeling that it was the right place for me to train. Additionally, I wanted to stay in the Chicago area and it's an easy drive from the city. 

My interests in medicine include: Infectious Disease, Women's Health

Outside of medicine my interests include: Exploring Chicago restaurants, keeping up with my family and friends


Caitlin Canton, D.O.

Caitlin Canton, DO

Hometown: St Paul, MN

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota

Medical School: CCOM

Why MacNeal? I was interested in MacNeal because of the programs strong reputation and proximity to Chicago. On my interview day, the environment was very welcoming and everyone I met seemed genuinely invested in the program. Since starting residency, I have felt supported and encouraged by both the faculty and my co-residents. My favorite thing about MacNeal is the people I get to work with and the variety of personalities that come with being part of such a large program.

My interests in medicine include: pediatrics, women's health, OMT, preventative medicine, integrative medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: drawing, painting, sports, dancing, karaoke, 80s movies, petting dogs


Sarah Kalari, M.D.

Sarah Kalari, MD

Hometown: Berwyn/Homer Glen, IL

Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Chicago

Medical School: Rush University Medical Center

Why MacNeal? I had the opportunity to do a rotation at MacNeal during medical school which gave me a chance to meet many of the residents and faculty firsthand before choosing this residency program. MacNeal was my first real exposure to Family Medicine and everyone I worked with was caring, supportive, and dedicated to patient care. I knew that this would be the best group of physicians to help guide me through my training. Plus, it’s really awesome to get to say that I’m now a doctor in the same hospital I was born in!

My interests in medicine include: women’s health, pediatric/adolescent medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: Spending time with my family and relaxing at home watching movies


Michael Kimes, M.D.

Michael Kimes, MD

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Undergraduate: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Medical School: University of Nevada School of Medicine

Why MacNeal? Although I grew up in Las Vegas, I was born outside Chicago and lived in Berwyn for many years.  I knew I wanted to come back to the Chicago area for residency because my entire family lives outside the city. I chose MacNeal because of the strong reputations, amazing residents and supportive and dedicated attending physicians.  The program offers a great environment for training family physicians and serves a diverse population.

My interests in medicine include: preventative medicine, sports medicine, and patient advocacy 

My interests outside of medicine include: Spending time with my family, music, hiking and participating in anything related to sports.


Ashley Mallory, M.D.

Ashley Mallory, MD

Hometown: Detroit, MI 

Undergraduate: The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 

Medical School: University of IL COM- Peoria

Why MacNeal? I was attracted to MacNeal for many great reasons, including the fact that I had a lot in common with faculty in staff in terms of hometown, UM Alum, and Med school alum. Additionally MacNeal is a community hospital that caters to the population I want to serve, where I could use and improve on my Spanish speaking skills developed in college! I was also attracted to the fact that MacNeal has a really great reputation for preparing residents to excel on their board exams. To top it off, when I came to MacNeal on my interview, I felt instinctually that 99.9% went great in comparison to other interviews although they also went well, but there was no comparison to the amount of peace I felt here. I felt like I belong here. My instinct said MacNeal was the place for me to be, especially when I saw how genuinely nice and kind the faculty, residents, and staff were overall.

My interests in medicine include: Urban medicine and minority and women’s health

Outside of medicine my interests include:  Cooking/making up vegetarian dinners, spending time with family and friends, running, and dancing 


Maryann Parayil, D.O.

Maryann Manatt, DO

Hometown: Olympia Fields, IL

Undergraduate: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why MacNeal? MacNeal has an amazing support system for its residents. Each class has a strong bond not only with each there but with all the other classes as well. There really is a family environment amongst the residents and faculty and there are always people around to lend you a hand. MacNeal also is an unopposed program which I really think makes a big difference. Being here only a couple months I have been able to do so many procedures & deliveries on my own which is great learning experience. We work one on one with the attendings and they are all more than willing to spend the time to teach. 

My interests in medicine include: Outpatient medicine, Procedures, OMT

Outside of medicine my interests include: Scuba Diving, Biking/ Walking along the lakeshore, & hanging out with friends and family 


Alba Molina, M.D.

Alba Molina, MD
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Chicago
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Why MacNeal? As a medical student I had the opportunity to rotate at MacNeal and loved the experience! Everyone I encountered during my time here was very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. The faculty and residents all seemed highly engaged in their work and were always willing to teach and answer my questions. The residents seemed very happy and often spoke about how they felt supported by everyone in the program, which was very important to me. In addition, MacNeal’s excellent reputation for training residents, patient population and proximity to Chicago was everything that I was looking for. 
My interests in medicine include: Women’s Health
Outside of medicine my interests include: spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, dancing, cooking, Zumba.

Danielle Orrey, M.D.

Danielle Orrey, MD

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

Undergraduate: Boston University

Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Why MacNeal? Choosing MacNeal for residency was a truly simple decision. The program maintains extremely engaged and knowledgeable faculty and staff who are sincerely committed to the education, well-being, and success of every single resident. The community-based structure of the program also offers strong opportunities for continuity of care and challenging, virtually un-opposed training, while close access to Chicago allows for all the excitement of living in one of the greatest cities ever! But perhaps most importantly, choosing MacNeal means being part of a supportive, quirky, and genuinely warm family.

My interests in medicine include: Preventative medicine, Sports Medicine, Women's Health, Behavioral Health...too many things!

Outside of medicine my interests include: Sleeping in, dancing while cooking, painting (poorly), exploring the city, and playing or watching anything competitive.


Michael Palash, D.O.

Michael Palash, DO

Hometown: Winfield, IL

Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Medical School: Rocky Vista University

Why MacNeal? I was drawn to MacNeal for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the faculty/staff/residents were all incredibly genuine and personable on my interview day. I felt a strong sense of camaraderie amongst all individuals and was reassured this would result in a positive working and learning environment. Having grown up in a nearby suburb, I was fully aware of the strong reputation MacNeal has in the Chicagoland area and its history of excellence in resident training. The more extensive pediatric training and sports medicine fellowship also catered to my specific interests in medicine. MacNeal's location also allows for a very reasonable commute from downtown Chicago. 

My interests in medicine include: sports medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: running, golf, basketball, snowboarding, U of I sports, Go Pack Go, playing guitar, Chicago Bulls, college hoops, family, live music


Sean Rooney, DO

Sean Rooney, DO

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame

Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why MacNeal? During medical school I was torn between family medicine and internal medicine. For my pediatrics rotation, I rotated at MacNeal with the family medicine residents and had one of the best experiences I could imagine. I thoroughly enjoyed the comradery between the residents and always felt comfortable with every attending, staff member, and resident I encountered. This rotation and my following family medicine rotation proved 2 things to me: family medicine fit my personality nearly perfectly and MacNeal is where I would love to call my second home for residency. Even after drudging through residency interview season, I found MacNeal’s priority to fostering the best possible family medicine physicians, along with the incredible resident family atmosphere, unparalleled by any other program.

My interests in medicine include: general practice, preventative medicine, sports medicine, hospital medicine

Outside of medicine my interests include: swimming, water polo, coaching swimming and water polo, music production, and local and Chicago food.


Sandra Villalpando, M.D.

Sandra Villalpando, MD
Hometown: Fort Bragg, California
Undergraduate: Northwestern University
Medical School: University of Illinois- Chicago
Why MacNeal? My absolute criteria for a residency program was to work in an underserved community and feeling a part of a work-family. When I interviewed at MacNeal, I instantly felt at home and I felt reassured that the faculty would be extremely supportive in my training. I was pregnant at the time, so family-work balance was also key. Plus, the residents were the nicest ones I had come across! I was happy to later learn that many interns in my class have children! 
My interests in medicine include: Women's Health 
Outside of medicine, my interests include: Spending time with my husband and son, crafting when I can, watching movies or binge watching shows with my husband, baking, drinking yummy coffee. 

Thomas Wilkins, D.O.

Thomas Wilkins, DO

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

Undergraduate: Michigan State University

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why MacNeal? Although I studied and completed the majority of my rotations in Michigan, I had the privilege of spending one month with the Family Medicine program in my 4th year for a Sub-I rotation. One of the first things I noticed during my time at MacNeal was how close and welcoming the residents and everyone involved with the program were. I always felt encouraged to push my limits and always received constructive and positive feedback on how to improve, and quickly felt at home with the residents and physicians I was working with. Along with being a very strong program that I felt would prepare me for whatever type of practice I choose to enter after graduation, knowing that I would have a close family at work during the difficult years of residency was really important to me. I can attest that since entering the program, I have only grown closer to everyone involved with the program and the hospital and feel very fortunate to be involved in such a positive environment.

My interests in medicine include: Urgent Care and Informatics.

Outside of medicine my interests include: Exploring the city, staying active, and traveling. I've been to 11 countries so far including much of Europe and most recently traveled to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand). I enjoy running, backpacking, skiing, and kayaking and have enjoyed wandering the city and trying new restaurants around town.


Adrian Zamora, M.D.

Adrian Zamora, MD

Hometown: Berwyn, Illinois

Undergraduate: Northeastern Illinois University

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Why MacNeal? I worked at MacNeal before medical school, so I knew that the Family Medicine residency had an excellent reputation and trained amazing physicians. I returned as a student and was able to see first hand the quality of the training here. I felt at home here, and enjoy taking care of the community that receives care at Macneal.

My interests in medicine include: Everything! I really enjoy continuity with patients, which makes me feel that I have to be ready to see anything on any given day. I do enjoy Sports Medicine and Acute care.

Outside of medicine my interests include: Besides spending time with my family, I like to play golf and watch the big 4 sports.