Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission

Together we develop expert Family Physicians while providing high quality, efficient, and compassionate primary care.

Our Vision

Our Family Medicine Team will enrich the lives of our patients, learners, and communities.

Our Values

Wellness, Excellence, Innovation, Compassion, Teamwork, Mentoring

FMRP Educational Goals:

  1. To provide a variety of clinical and didactic experiences that build competency in the areas most commonly encountered by practicing family physicians.

  2. To develop residents’ skill of critical self-reflection, acquisition of the best knowledge and information available, and critical appraisal and application of that knowledge to an individual patient’s care.

  3. To develop residents’ ability to care for themselves and show compassion for their patients using bio-psychosocial orientation.

  4. To develop residents’ ability to work in teams for the benefit of their patients, health systems, and communities.