Family Medicine Residency

Welcome to MacNeal!

Davis Yang, MDThanks for visiting this site and learning more about our program.  

We are fortunate that the Family Medicine community is strong in Chicago and that there are many great family medicine residencies around Chicago.

There are 3 important reasons why I believe you should seriously consider MacNeal if you are looking for family medicine training in Chicago.

First is our long tradition of excellence in family medicine training.  We are the oldest and largest Family Medicine program in Illinois.  Our outcomes in terms of board pass rate, accreditation status, and job and fellowship placement are unbeatable over the past 50 years.  

The second difference you will find at MacNeal is that everyone in the residency is singularly dedicated to resident education.  The program is built around resident-centered learning and a single practice site.  All residents and faculty are practice partners at this site.  Our inpatient experiences take place at MacNeal, a community hospital, across the street from our FMC.

The last reason why I think you should consider MacNeal, is the amazing family of learners, teachers, and healers here, that I feel privileged to work with every day.  I encourage you to visit with us and meet our residents and faculty, and see the MacNeal difference for yourself.

Davis Yang


Message from our Chief Residents

Family Medicine chief residents

Welcome to our website and thank you so much for taking an interest in our MacNeal family!

MacNeal is a large, well-established program that genuinely feels like a large family. Our residency thrives from the quality of people that work here, including our friendly staff, extremely knowledgeable and approachable faculty, and amazing residents. We pride ourselves on a well-rounded Family Medicine experience and draw residents from around the country for many reasons.

Sarah was born at MacNeal Hospital and completed her undergraduate and Medical School training in Chicago. She chose to stay in Chicagoland due to her strong roots and was excited to come to MacNeal after completing her Family Medicine rotation here as a medical student. She was drawn to the quality and compassionate care that the residents and attendings provided to patients.  Mike is originally from Berwyn, but grew up in Las Vegas. He decided to come back to Chicagoland for residency to be closer to family. He chose MacNeal specifically because of the amazing people, strong reputation, and excellent education offered.

Our outpatient clinic is conveniently located across the street from the hospital and serves a diverse patient population that prepares residents to practice in any setting. Our program is unique in that we have three fellowships: Faculty Development, Women’s Health, and Sports Medicine. The true heart of the program, however, lies in our hardworking staff and faculty who are committed to creating an outstanding learning environment. With nearly 40 residents, we have a call schedule that allows us to maintain a great work/life balance.

MacNeal is located just outside of Chicago, with more than half of our residents living in the city and the rest in the surrounding suburbs. Chicago is an incredible place to live and our residents are always planning something fun to do. We spend much of our time off grabbing dinner and drinks, having trivia nights, relaxing on the beach, attending sporting events, and feeling old while celebrating birthdays, weddings, and baby showers!

We remember how stressful the interview process can be, so please do not hesitate to contact us with ANY questions you may have (our emails are listed in the ‘Meet Our Residents’ section.) We both have loved our time here, and hope you find MacNeal to be as wonderful as we do. We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

Sarah and Mike