Nurse Leadership

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Leadership that identifies and communicates vision and values and asks for the involvement of the work group to achieve the vision. The CNO is a knowledgeable, transformational nursing leader who develops a strong vision and a well-articulated philosophy, professional practice model, and strategic and quality plans in leading nursing services. 

Strategic Planning

Each March, planning launches to create a strategic plan for MacNeal Nurses' upcoming fiscal year that begins in July. The MacNeal Professional Practice Model drives the work of MacNeal Nurses to achieve the mission and vision. To identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) the Nursing Councils within our Shared Governance Structure conduct analyses representing their Council's unique points of view. The analysis is also done on every nursing unit and with the leadership team. A group of leaders synthesize the SWOT results, common threads are identified and specific needs are clarified. The statements are aligned with the hospital's strategic plan, values, mission and vision. A draft nursing strategic plan is created and circulated back to the units and Councils for feedback. What results is a rich strategic and financial plan with the input of more than 300 MacNeal nurses that guide us for the next 12 months and beyond.  

The capital budget is created using the feedback provided by the staff, usually addressing weaknesses and opportunities in equipment and facilities. The expense budget and the staffing plans are created to support the initiatives identified in the strategic plan. 

Staffing plans are created and reviewed by the Professional Practice Council before budget finalization. The strategic plan goals are assigned an owner (usually an individual but sometimes a group), a time frame is determined and a measurable outcome is assigned. These goals are used for leader and employee annual performance reviews and provide the alignment and the plan for the coming year. 

The year concludes with an annual meeting for the nursing staff at which the accomplishments in the completed fiscal year are recognized and celebrated. This annual report chronicles the process and the achievements during the Fiscal Year.