Cardiac Rehabilitation Internship

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Cardiac rehab facilityMacNeal Hospital offers an internship in the Cardiac Rehabilitation department for undergraduate and graduate students. At MacNeal, Cardiac Rehab interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in almost every facet of cardiac rehab. Cardiac Rehab interns learn to work with patients in a clinical setting. Activities involve patient assessment, blood pressure measurement, patient education, EKG interpretation, exercise prescription, conduct warm ups and cool downs, strength conditioning workouts, and chart documentation.

AACVPRWe are a hands-on teaching facility. Our focus is on outpatient Cardiac Rehab, working in Phase I, II, and III Cardiac Rehab. Additional observation opportunities include open heart surgery, cardiac catheterizations, stress testing, echocardiography, vascular testing, TEEs, pulmonary function testing, and community health screenings. MacNeal’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program is AACVPR Certified. Learn more about cardiac rehab at MacNeal.

Program specifics and requirements

  • ACLS certification is offered onsite and can be taken free of charge as an elective during your internship.
  • CPR certification is required prior to your start date.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students are accepted for all semesters.
  • Interns must be enrolled in a university-required internship program that provides liability insurance. Students cannot apply for internships independently – it must be through a contracted university.
  • This internship is unpaid.
  • Preference is given to interns that have had an ECG class and experience with taking blood pressure.
  • Experience with exercise leadership is a plus.
  • Our facility is open Monday through Friday.

Applying for the Cardiac Rehab Internship

Please email your resume, cover letter and details on what semester and year you are interested in doing your internship to:

Betsy Hart, MS, CCEP
Lead Exercise Physiologist
MacNeal Hospital - Cardiac Rehab
3249 S. Oak Park Ave.
Berwyn IL 60402
Phone: 708-783-3302
Fax: 708-783-0044

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